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Language Strands

Paul Revere currently offers 3 distinct language strands for our students. Parents choose which of these three programs the student will enroll in before the child starts school. In each program, the academic standards are the same and all children learn the same skills and subjects.

Spanish Two-Way Bilingual Immersion Program (TWBI)

This program begins at Paul Revere with the kindergarten class of 2005. This program will replace the current bilingual program one year at a time. The TWBI Program uses Spanish 90% of the time to teach content in kindergarten and first grade, and gradually adds more English in the intermediate grades. The TWBI classes will be made up of children who speak English at home, who speak Spanish at home, and of those who are bilingual. The goal of the program is for all of the students to be bilingual and biliterate by the end of 5th grade.

Spanish Bilingual Program

This program is designed for children who speak Spanish at home. The program teaches the students to read and write first in Spanish, and introduces English gradually. The goal of the Spanish bilingual program is for the children to be bilingual and biliterate by 5th grade. This program is currently offered in 2nd through 5th grade (in 07=08, it will be from 3rd grade up), and will be replaced one year at a time by the Spanish Two-Way Bilingual Immersion Program.

General English

General English is offered at all grades, kindergarten through 8th grade. ELD teachers use English throughout the day and are specially trained to support all children, whether they speak English or another language at home, in developing strong English language skills.