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Student Support Services


• Our Student Advisors, Starlette Jones and Rafael Directowork to meet the needs of students and families at Paul Revere School. In addition, Middle School Dean, Kristen DeAndreisworks to support middle school students with their grades, scheduling and access to the high school application process.Truancy Liaison, Neola Gans works with students and families to improve student attendance and truancy.


Paul Revere has a Student Study Team (SST) which meets regularly to address the needs of individual students who may have academic, social or emotional struggles that keep them from performing at their optimum level. Our Learning Support Professional, Julissa Hicks coordinates this team.


• Our students have access to the services of a school psychologist who provides psychological testing and behavior support plans as deemed appropriate. Ourpsychologist, Dena McManis, is available to us two days per week.


• This year students have access to counseling interns who conducts social groups and provides emotional and social support to help students with an additional measure of support through Instituto Familiar de la Raza and Tenisha Gonzalez.


 After School Intervention consists of tutoring that provides intensive, targeted small group tutoring sessions to students in all grades who struggle with grade level reading. Aurora King, Director and Ms. Anabel Ibanez.


• K-8 grade students receive additional support with needed with literacy skills in English and/or Spanish through our 3 literacy specialists, Ms. Kathleen Ferdon, Ms. Chris Nelson and Ms. Jamilah.


• We are also fortunate to have a group of committed senior community members who volunteer to work with students on a one on- one basis, to help boost their reading fluency through the Experience Corps. Program.


• A special education special day classes (Ms. Miller, Mr. Scott Booth, Ms. Leon-Guerero), Resource Specialist Program Ms. Cecilia Mena), Speech Therapist (Ms. Nora Danielson) are available for students who have been identified with specific learning needs.


• After school Program, K-8 operates at Paul Revere from 3:00pm – 5:15pm, M-F. Aurora King, Director


• Our School Nurse, Nurse Genevieve, coordinates health related issues pertaining to our students.